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Removing contact lenses will become quick and easy once you have practiced it a few times!
Step 1: Wash & Dry – wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

Step 2: Hold your eyelid – with your fingers firmly lift your upper eyelid up towards your eyebrow and pull your lower eyelid down. Gently place the lens over your iris using your other hand.

Step 3: Let it settle – mover your eye up, down, left and right. Following this close your eye to let the lens settle.

Step 4: Repeat – repeat this process for the other eye.

Useful Tips:
Start with the same eye every time, as this will stop you from getting mixed up with the lenses.
If you’re suffering from dry eyes, eye drops are a fast and effective way to relieve any irritation. There are lots of types available under our eye care section. Always read the instruction label before using drops to check suitability and usage.
Make sure you lens goes in the correct way around by looking at the shape of the lens whilst it’s on your fingertip. If the lens is saucer-shaped it is the incorrect way. Gently flip the lens over until it looks cup-shaped with smooth edges. Discard the lens immediately if it has split or shows sign of damage.
If you get dirt on a contact lens just before it’s about to go in your eye you can rinse it with a multipurpose solution to avoid discomfort.
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Step 3: Gently pinch the contact lens using your first finger and thumb
Place the first finger and thumb of your other hand on either side of the contact lens, and then gently pinch it.

Step 4: Look up and slide the lens down, then off onto your finger
Look up and gently slide the lens down onto the white of your eye, then off onto your finger. Repeat for the other eye.
Always wash and clean your hands before touching your eyes or taking out your contact lenses. If you wear monthly lenses, have a clean, disinfected contact lens case and some fresh multipurpose solution nearby, for storing the lenses after you remove them.
Removing a contact lens
Start with the same eye every time, to avoid accidentally mixing up your lenses. Use your non-dominant hand to pull down your lower eyelid and gently pull up your upper eyelid to meet your eyebrow.
Now use your dominant hand (the one you use to write) to pinch off the contact lens and remove it from your eye – to do this, place your first finger and thumb on either side of the contact lens, and gently pinch it. Look up and gently slide the lens down, onto the white of your eye, then slide it off onto your finger.
Repeat for the other eye
Now all you need to do is repeat these steps for your other eye and you’ve safely removed your contacts. Simple, isn’t it!
Storing monthly contact lenses
If you wear monthly contact lenses, make sure that once removed they are placed in fresh multipurpose solution and stored securely in a clean contact lens case. If you wear dailies, all you need to do is dispose of them, that’s all there is to it.